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Saturday, February 25, 2006

Uses of Kalimah "Allāh" in phrases

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Uses of "Allāh" in phrases
There are many phrases that contain the word Allāh:

Allāhu Akbar (الله أكبر) (God is the greatest)
A'uzu billahi minashaitanir rajim (I seek refuge in Allah from Shaitan, the Damned)
Bismi-llāh (بسم الله) (In the name of God)
Inshā'Allāh (إن شاء الله) (God-willing)
also the origin of the common Spanish interjection "Ojalá", which shares a similar meaning.
probably also the origin of the Portuguese interjection Oxalá, "let's hope for it" or "let's hope that...".
Yā Allāh (يا الله)(Oh God)
may be the origin of the Spanish and Portuguese exclamation "Olé!".
Mā shā' Allāh (ما شاء الله) ([Look at] what God has willed!)
Subhān Allāh (سبحان الله) (Glory be to God)
al-Hamdu li-llāh (الحمد لله) (All praise be to God)
Allāhu A`alam (الله أعلم) (God knows best)
Jazaka Allāhu khayran (جزاك الله خيراً) (May God reward you for your deeds)
"Allāh" appears in a stylized form on the flag of Iran, in the phrase "Allāhu Akbar" on the flag of Iraq, and as part of the shahādah on the flag of Saudi Arabia.

"Allah" is not correctly used as a man's name. See Arabic name#Mistakes made by Europeans and other non-Arabs.

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Wednesday, January 25, 2006

Al Asma Al-Husna

List of Names

The 99 Names of God according to the tradition of Islam are:

  1. Allah (الله) The God

  2. Al Rahman (الرحمن) The All Beneficent

  3. Al Rahim (الرحيم) The Most Merciful

  4. Al Malik (الملك) The King, The Sovereign

  5. Al Quddus (القدوس) The Most Holy

  6. Al Salam (السلام) Peace and Blessing

  7. Al Mu'min (المؤمن) The Guarantor

  8. Al Muhaymin (المهيمن) The Guardian, the Preserver

  9. Al 'Aziz (العزيز) The Almighty, the Self Sufficient

  10. Al Jabbar (الجبار) The Powerful, the Irresistible

  11. Al Mutakabbir (المتكبر) The Tremendous

  12. Al Khaliq (الخالق) The Creator

  13. Al Bari' (البارئ) The Maker

  14. Al Musawwir (المصور) The Fashioner of Forms

  15. Al Ghaffar (الغفار) The Ever Forgiving

  16. Al Qahhar (القهار) The All Compelling Subduer

  17. Al Wahhab (الوهاب) The Bestower

  18. Al Razzaq (الرزاق) The Ever Providing

  19. Al Fattah (الفتاح) The Opener, the Victory Giver

  20. Al Alim (العليم) The All Knowing, the Omniscient

  21. Al Qabid (القابض) The Restrainer, the Straightener

  22. Al Basit (الباسط) The Expander, the Munificent

  23. Al Khafid (الخافض) The Abaser

  24. Al Rafi' (الرافع) The Exalter

  25. Al Mu'izz (المعز) The Giver of Honor

  26. Al Mudhill (المذل) The Giver of Dishonor

  27. Al Sami' (السميع) The All Hearing

  28. Al Basir (البصير) The All Seeing

  29. Al Hakam (الحكم) The Judge, the Arbitrator

  30. Al 'Adl (العدل) The Utterly Just

  31. Al Latif (اللطيف) The Subtly Kind

  32. Al Khabir (الخبير) The All Aware

  33. Al Halim (الحليم) The Forbearing, the Indulgent

  34. Al 'Azim (العظيم) The Magnificent, the Infinite

  35. Al Ghafur (الغفور) The All Forgiving

  36. Al Shakur (الشكور) The Grateful

  37. Al 'Ali (العلى) The Sublimely Exalted

  38. Al Kabir (الكبير) The Great

  39. Al Hafiz (الحفيظ) The Preserver

  40. Al Muqit (المقيت) The Nourisher

  41. Al Hasib (الحسيب) The Reckoner

  42. Al Jalil (الجليل) The Majestic

  43. Al Karim (الكريم) The Bountiful, the Generous

  44. Al Raqib (الرقيب) The Watchful

  45. Al Mujib (المجيب) The Responsive, the Answerer

  46. Al Wasi' (الواسع) The Vast, the All Encompassing

  47. Al Hakim (الحكيم) The Wise

  48. Al Wadud (الودود) The Loving, the Kind One

  49. Al Majid (المجيد) The All Glorious

  50. Al Ba'ith (الباعث) The Raiser of the Dead

  51. Al Shahid (الشهيد) The Witness

  52. Al Haqq (الحق) The Truth, the Real

  53. Al Wakil (الوكيل) The Trustee, the Dependable

  54. Al Qawiyy (القوى) The Strong

  55. Al Matin (المتين) The Firm, the Steadfast

  56. Al Waliyy (الولى) The Protecting Friend, Patron, and Helper

  57. Al Hamid (الحميد) The All Praiseworthy

  58. Al Muhsi (المحصى) The Accounter, the Numberer of All

  59. Al Mubdi' (المبدئ) The Producer, Originator, and Initiator of all

  60. Al Mu'id (المعيد) The Reinstater Who Brings Back All

  61. Al Muhyi (المحيى) The Giver of Life

  62. Al Mumit (المميت) The Bringer of Death, the Destroyer

  63. Al Hayy (الحي) The Ever Living

  64. Al Qayyum (القيوم) The Self Subsisting Sustainer of All

  65. Al Wajid (الواجد) The Perceiver, the Finder, the Unfailing

  66. Al Majid (الماجد) The Illustrious, the Magnificent

  67. Al Wahid (الواحد) The One, the All Inclusive, the Indivisible

  68. Al Samad (الصمد) The Self Sufficient, the Impregnable, the Eternally Besought of All, the Everlasting

  69. Al Qadir (القادر) The All Able

  70. Al Muqtadir (المقتدر) The All Determiner, the Dominant

  71. Al Muqaddim (المقدم) The Expediter, He who brings forward

  72. Al Mu'akhkhir (المؤخر) The Delayer, He who puts far away

  73. Al Awwal (الأول) The First

  74. Al Akhir (الأخر) The Last

  75. Al Zahir (الظاهر) The Manifest; the All Victorious

  76. Al Batin (الباطن) The Hidden; the All Encompassing

  77. Al Wali (الوالي) The Patron

  78. Al Muta'al (المتعالي) The Self Exalted

  79. Al Barr (البر) The Most Kind and Righteous

  80. Al Tawwab (التواب) The Ever Returning, Ever Relenting

  81. Al Muntaqim (المنتقم) The Avenger

  82. Al 'Afuww (العفو) The Pardoner, the Effacer of Sins

  83. Al Ra'uf (الرؤوف) The Compassionate, the All Pitying

  84. Malik al Mulk (مالك الملك) The Owner of All Sovereignty

  85. Dhu al Jalal wa al Ikram (ذو الجلال و الإكرام) The Lord of Majesty and Generosity

  86. Al Muqsit (المقسط) The Equitable, the Requiter

  87. Al Jami' (الجامع) The Gatherer, the Unifier

  88. Al Ghani (الغنى) The All Rich, the Independent

  89. Al Mughni (المغنى) The Enricher, the Emancipator

  90. Al Mani'(المانع) The Withholder, the Shielder, the Defender

  91. Al Darr (الضار) The Distressor, the Harmer (This attribute can only be found in hadith.

  92. Al Nafi' (النافع) The Propitious, the Benefactor

  93. Al Nur (النور) The Light

  94. Al Hadi (الهادئ) The Guide

  95. Al Badi (البديع) Incomparable, the Originator

  96. Al Baqi (الباقي) The Ever Enduring and Immutable

  97. Al Warith (الوارث) The Heir, the Inheritor of All

  98. Al Rashid (الرشيد) The Guide, Infallible Teacher, and Knower

  99. Al Sabur (الصبور) The Patient, the Timeless

  • Dhul Fazl al Azim (ذو الفضل العظيم) The Lord of Infinite Grace (Q 2.105, 3.74, 8.29, 57.21, 57.29, 62.4) Note: This name, although found in the Qur'an, is not and never was part of the traditional list of the 99 names of Allah.

Please note that the English translation of names may have a slightly different meaning than the original Arabic word due to the words available in each language.

100th Name of God

Muslims teach that there are 99 names for God and that the 100th name is hidden. The idea has become a kind of mystery with little references to what it means. (Mellis J.K.)

Once again, the Hadith about the names of God says:

"Verily, there are ninety-nine names of God, one hundred minus one. He who enumerates them would get into Paradise."

(Sahih Muslim, Vol. 4, p. 1410)

All text is available under the terms of the GNU Free Documentation License

Monday, October 03, 2005

مبارك عليكم الشهر

Greetings and Ramadan Mubarak!
May Allah gave us the strength and energy to fullfill this month of obligation in our utmost best piety and with serenity.

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